Progressive Betting Draw System - Rules For Newbies

James 2021/01/16
Progressive Betting Draw System - Rules For Newbies


Recently, while browsing my topics appear on this blog, I noticed that most of them are written for people who have already dealt with draw progression.

If a person who completely did not know the subject hit it, he would certainly leave the site quickly.

It would be a pity.

Therefore, the following post is addressed to newbies.

But to those newbies, who have already had contact with betting.

And, like most they have not succedd.

And now they're looking for a way to stop wasting money.

It was the same with me.

I started the day by looking for games that interested me and trying to analyze possible results.

Then I visited internet portals giving ready-made sport tips.

And this is how a coupon with a dozen or so events was created.

I bet at the bookmaker and waited with fingers crossed.

Sometimes the first match fail the entire coupon and I felt an increasing desire to bet-back as soon as possible.

Do you know that feeling?

But that's how it ends when something is done without preparation, without a strategy and no rules set.

After many years of testing various systems, I find that the progressive betting draw system is the best thing for me.

You have thorough analyzes.

You can make your own rules.

You know that a losing coupon is just a way to make a profit.

Not a failure.

You can trace historical leagues to virtually check system performance.

Before I explain what exactly the system is, you need to know that no system guarantees a win.

Each of them puts you at risk of failure and loss of money.

The trick is to find the one that is most secure.

And one more thing - if you are looking for a system that will earn you a lot of money in a very short time, stop reading.

It's a waste of your time.

Because this one will not provide you with it.

Progression on draws allows you to generate profits over a long period of time.

Profits are not spectacular, but regular.

All right, to the point.

This system is based primarily on statistics.

If you look at the table of any league, you will notice that the number of draws in relation to all games played is large.

Big enough to be interested in it.

Because the bookmaker's odds on a draw are usually c.a 3,0 (2/1).

And each team is going to draw.

Some more often, others less. But still.

The draw progression is nothing more, than betting on the draw of the selected team in each subsequent league match until the draw result.

The system is constructed in such a way, that no matter what level you hit the draw, you always generate profit.

The stake for each subsequent level is doubling the stake from the lower level.

There are also other variants of building the stake, but you can read about it in another post.


You choose team FC Barcelona.

Level 1 Barcelona - Osasuna, stake 10GBP/EUR/$, odds 3.0(2/1), score 3: 0 -> investments not closed

Level 2 Valencia - Barcelona, stake 20GBP/EUR/$, odds 3.0(2/1), result 1: 2 -> investment not closed

Level 3 Barcelona - Real Madrid, stake 40GBP/EUR/$, odds 3.0(2/1), score 1: 1 -> investment closed in a draw.

You completed your progression on level 3.

You have invested a total of 70GBP/EUR/$. You won - 40x3.0 = 120GBP/EUR/$

Profit - 120 reduced, by what you invested, i.e.  70 =  50 GBP/EUR/$.

Now, find your favorite league / team and do a similar simulation.

You can, because you can find historical data about every league on the Internet.

For example here

The key issues are, to choose the leagues and teams well.

You will find out how to do it by following this blog.

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