High Stakes And A Few Teams Or Large Numer Of Teams But Lowers Stakes ?

James 2021/03/22
High Stakes And A Few Teams Or Large Numer Of Teams But Lowers Stakes ?

If you have been interested in draw betting for some time and you are successful, your capital invested in these investments grows.

And you come to the point when you need to scale up to be able to earn even more.

And you ask yourself what will be better?

Betting on many teams at the same time for lower stakes?

Or maybe 2-3 teams only, but the high stakes?

Let me tell you at the beginning, that there is no the only right answer to this question.

Both ways are good.

Both have their pros and cons.

In my investments, I choose one of them.

I invest in a lot of teams for lower stakes.

You'll find out why in a moment.

#Reason 1 - Adrenaline 

You bet for profit. It is obvious.

But in addition, with every game, with every single coupon you feel a bit of emotion. Am I right?

And it is precisely for more positive emotions related to more events, that I prefer more teams.

With a lot of teams, there are weeks when your teams are playing every day.

With a small amount of them, sometimes you have to wait a week or longer.

#Reason 2 - Fear Of Losing 

If I would tell you that you can buy 10 bars of chocolate for $1 each day, or for $10 just one a day.

What would you choose?

The human mind works in such a way that the loss of $1 a day for several days seems much smaller than a one-time loss of $10.

Although, the amount is exactly the same.

Therefore, you feel less resistance to betting 10 matches of $5 each(because the amount seems small), than if you were to bet for $50 once.

#Reason 3 - Diversification Of Risk 

Ttheoretically, the fewer teams in the game, the lower the risk of hitting a long serie without a draw.

It is true.

But with a small number of teams, when you hit a long series, you have no way to break down the investment due to the lack of capital.

With a lot of teams involved, you can always transfer funds to other teams.

The risk here is spread over more teams.

Even if you hit a team, that has a long serie without a draw, you will be closing other teams, meaning, you will earn a profit on them and having back your capital.

#Reason 4 -  Money Turnover

Everyone, who has come into contact with the economy knowledge knows, how important it is to turnover a capital and allow it to work, to earn profit.

With a small number of teams, our money is often frozen until the investment is closed.

And it works only for these 2-3 investments.

With more, you turn it faster and thus generate higher returns.

#Reason 5 - Number Of Levels 

When you are betting for lower stakes, you can set a larger number of game levels with the same capital.

More levels means less risk of losing your money.

That's it. Fair enough for me.

Please remember that, this is my personal judgment.

I know people who only bet 1 team very high.

And they are successful.

It all depends on what is more effective and more attractive for you.


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Draw wishes,


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