Choosing A Team Is Easier Than You Think

James 2021/01/30
Choosing A Team Is Easier Than You Think

If you have already chosen the right league to invest your money in, you have got the main part of the task behind you.

Choosing a team is just a formality, but you need to base your selection on a few important factors.

I describe them in detail.

I have sorted the factors from the most important ones:

#position in the table 

Definitely avoid teams from the top/bottom of the table. They like to have a long streak of wins or losses. This is not a rule, but it is safer to stay away from them.

 #current no-draw streak

It shows when the last draw occur.

The bigger the streak is, the better.

I usually sort out teams from the longest streak and start my selection with them.

The absolute minimum is 4 games with no draw.

#percent of draws in the current and previous seasons 

The higher the better.

#further opponents 

It is important checking if the next matches (next 3 ones) will be played with the teams from the front/bottom of the table.

Ideally, when the next rivals are teams next to ours in the table.

#average no-draw streak

A low average shows that the team draws regularly.

That is what we love.

#current form

Focus on last 5 games.

The best system is a mix of wins and losses.

A series of 5 wins/losses in a row may indicate some trend. If so, let go that one.

As you can see, there are several factors that affect the right choice.

You will recognize them mechanically over time.

Draw wishes

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