You Want To Annoy The Bookmaker - Bet Singles

James 2021/01/16
You Want To Annoy The Bookmaker - Bet Singles

You want to do it regularly - bet using progressive betting draw system.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The purpose of this website is to show you that you can be a participant in sports betting and not lose at the bookmaker.

Missing events are only the way to the final profit.

The more people succeed on this field, the happier I will be.

However, this website applies strictly to the system that I recommend, because I have not found a more effective one so far.

And I have the most experience and a lot of knowledge about it.

For those who prefer other systems, I have only one piece of advice - singles and only singles!

Whatever system it is, one event on the coupon.

Going back to progressive betting draw.

In fact, what event it will be does not really matter.

So it can be said, that this is a progression to an event with an odds around 3.0(2/1), the probability of which is around 33%.

If you find an event other than a football draw, with so many statistics and with a similar odds - please share with us.

I didn't find it so raf, that's why I prefer draws.

And I feel good with it.

Coming back to the title topic.

Theoretically, you can invest with progression in a coupon created of several events, the total odds of which will be around 3.0(2/1).

For example, three games for the clear favorites at the odds of 1.5(1/20).

But what for?

Choosing a draw mathematically you have a 33.3% (1/3) chance of success.

If you do the same odds with 3 different events, the mathematical probability will be 3.7% (1/27 of the combination).

Of course, this is only a mathematical view.

Because the 1.5(1/20) odds is a strong indication of the favorite.

But do you remember how many times in your story your favorite failed?

If you have a very high effectiveness of tips with odds 1.5(1/20) - you can try.

Fingers crossed.

From my point of view, the only advantage of this strategy is, that you can invest much more often.

Even several times in one day.

But you can lose money just as quickly.

And now the most important thing.

Let the proof that singles are the most effective, is the fact that the bookmaker promotes and suggests betting combos.

He doesn't like singles.

That is why so many ready-made coupons on their pages with multiple events.

That is why, you can only withdraw the bonus when you turnover your funds, betting combos with at least 3 events.

The bookmaker shows you how not to play.

Professional gamers are choosing singles.

I hope I was able to convince you.

Anyway - I wish you success.

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