Brazil Serie B 2019/2020 Season Analysis

James 2021/01/15

Today let's try to analyze the 2019/2020 season in the Brazilian B seriee and see how much profit you could earned.

#Rules of analysis

• start after the 5th round

• we do not invest when less than 8 rouns left until the end of the season

• odds 3.0 (2/1)

• safe strategy - constant profit of 10 GBP/EUR/$

• we invest when a streak without a draw is minimum 4

• we reject the first 2 and the last 2 teams in the table

You can find the table of the whole season in the form preview, i.e. color-coded W wins, L losses and D draws in the order of their occurrence.

We read it from right to left.

I marked the moment of entering the investment with a black dot, and closing it with a red dot.


Total investment - 1207,01 GBP/EUR/$

Profit- 270 GBP/EUR/$

Rate of return - 22,37%

Highest closing level - 9

Average closing level - 2.81

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